About Simply Fit

Prepared Ready-To-Eat Healthy Food

Simply Fit is a health first food provider to save you time AND save your diet!  From our meal prep service to our X-Bites chicken jerky snack, we are all about making it more convenient to eat healthier!  Simply Fit also has a food truck that is proud to serve the Heath, Granville & Newark, OH communities.  By preparing you cooked, ready to eat meals for the week, we help you get results fast! Our goal is to be a force for healthy living in our community; and we recognize that one of the biggest issues is the time and energy it takes to prepare healthy food. Let Simply Fit take care of the prep for you, and provide you and your family with tasty and nutritious meals or snacks. Order online today!



These meals scream flavor and leave you wishing you had order more!


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Fast food doesn't have to be terrible for you, nor does your meal prep company have to cost $10 - $12 a meal; and Simply Fit is here to prove it. With our commitment to providing very high quality, premium foods, at the price and speed you deserve. If eating on the go without compromising your life and health is something you've been looking for, then Simply Fit is here for you. From our always fresh veggies and chicken, to our delicious Signature meals, Simply fit has something for EVERYONE.


We started Simply Fit because we noticed people want to eat healthier, but they just don't have the time! So Simply Fit was born. We have a 3 phase approach to making sure you can eat healthier on-the-go!

1) Online Meal Prep: You simply place your custom food order online for the week (or however many days you want), and we cook that order fresh for you the very next day!

2) Healthy Snacks On-The-Go: If you want something quick that eats like a mini meal, our X-Bites Chicken Jerky are exactly what you need!

3) Simply Fit Food Truck: During the warmer months, our healthy food truck operates daily and servers our healthy meals fresh! We can also bring our food truck on-site for your next event!

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